Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote:


Dr. John Willinsky, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University

Title: Another Way of Thinking About the Application of Applied Linguistics: The Case for Open Access to Research

Dr. Willinsky is a major thinker on scholarly publishing practices with a view to understand how this body of knowledge can become more of a public resource for learning and deliberation.

Invited Symposium:

speakerKeren-RiceDr. Keren Rice, OISE, University of Toronto

Title: Revitalizing Aboriginal Languages

Dr. Rice’s work to maintain, revitalize and document Canada’s aboriginal languages has been recognized with the Killam award and the Molson prize.

French Keynote:

speakerDiane-Gerin-LajoieDr. Diane Gérin-Lajoie, OISE, University of Toronto

Title: Identité, langue et pouvoir: Les minorités de langue officielle au Canada
Dr. Gérin-Lajoie’s research focuses primarily on the construction and reconstruction of identity and teaching in language minority settings.