Centering Multilingual Learners in Canadian Teacher Education: Online Panel Jan 26, 2021

Jan. 26, 2021

Centering Multilingual Learners in Canadian Teacher Education

We would like to invite you to an upcoming ACLA/CAAL online event, co-sponsored by CATE/ACFE: Centering Multilingual Learners in Canadian Teacher Education, on January 26, 2021 (Tuesday) at 3:00-4:30 PM (EST).

Dr. Jeff Bale (Associate Professor, University of Toronto) and Dr. Meike Wernicke (Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia) will facilitate a discussion on how teacher education can prepare candidates to work with multilingual learners. This session convenes teacher-education and language-education experts working across diverse contexts to ask: what should teacher education look like that puts the experiences, histories, needs, ambitions, and abilities of multilingual learners at the centre of our pedagogy?

Our panelists come from various parts of Canada and have shared their professional experiences in working with teacher candidates and multilingual learners.

In addition to Dr. Bale (Video Link & Script) and Dr. Wernicke (Video Link & Script), the panel includes:

  • Dr. Candace Galla (Associate Professor, University of British Columbia) – Video Link & Script
  • Dr. Andrea Sterzuk (Professor, University of Regina) – Video Link & Script
  • Dr. Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou (Associate Professor, Brandon University) – Video Link & Script
  • Dr. Gail Prasad (Assistant Professor, York University) – Video Link & Script
  • Dr. Stephanie Arnott (Associate Professor, University of Ottawa) – Video Link & Script
  • Dr. Caroline Riches (Associate Professor, McGill University) – Video Link & Script
  • Dr. Paula Kristmanson (Professor, University of New Brunswick) – Video Link & Script

We hope that you can join us for an afternoon of conversation on this topic. Please find attached an announcement for this event and save the date. Visit our Eventbrite site to register (; final details about the event, including the Zoom link, will be forwarded to registrants closer the date.

Participants are invited to stay connected on this important topic and to give us a sense of the kind of ongoing activities people would be interested in. If you’d like to add your name to that list, please use this Google form.


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Link to Recording of Symposium