Cree Literacy Network

ACLA is posting this announcement in support of participants in #ANVILS16 and their Call to Action on Indigenous language revitalization in Canada.


A Call to Action
to the Government of Canada by participants in #ANVILS16

Members of the Cree Literacy Network joined a group of about 150 academic and community language advocates at the University of Alberta in July for preliminary talks about A National Vision for Indigenous Language Sustainability. One important outcome of that meeting is a Call to Action – in petition form – drafted at the end of the meeting bySkeetchestn Chief Ron Ignace and others. In calling for adequate funding for revitalization of Indigenous languages, the petition echoes the sentiment repeated at the meetings that restorative funding really ought to be equivalent to the funding that attempted to destroy the languages in the first place.

The text of the petition calls upon Canada to provide adequate funding for Indigenous languages. Please visit the Cree Literacy Network website for more information.