To present at or attend the ACLA Conference as part of Congress you will be required to pay the following three (3) fees:

  1. ACLA Membership Fee
  2. Congress Fee
  3. ACLA Association Conference Fee (these fees directly fund the ACLA event, e.g., tech support).

The instructions below take you through this process.



BEFORE you register for Congress and the ACLA Conference, please ensure that you have purchased your ACLA membership for 2023. Please note, you must be a member to present at the ACLA Annual Conference.

To register as an ACLA Member please visit:



The Congress fee is mandatory for every attendee, including organizers, speakers, presenters, panelist, special guests, and those chairing or attending a session.

  1. Once you are an ACLA Member you can register for Congress and the ACLA Conference:
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Fill in or update your personal information and additional information.


To attend the ACLA conference, you must register.  Association conference fees are mandatory for every attendee at an association conference, including speakers, presenters, panelists, special guests, association staff and those chairing or attending a session. Your information will be shared ONLY with the organizers of the association conference(s) for which you have registered.

  1. Type the association name or acronym. A list of matching associations will appear. Select the association from the list.
  2. Click “Continue”

Note: Association conference fees are not the association’s membership dues. Regardless of membership status, you are required to pay the association conference fees to attend or participate in the association’s conference. For membership inquiries, please contact the association directly.



On the payment page please ensure that you are paying for both the Congress fee AND the ACLA Association Conference Fee.

If you are a student who self-identifies as BIPOC:
Student Congress registration fee is complimentary ($0.00). Please register here: Please indicate you have paid ACLA/CAAL membership (our association number is 256). 

*Remember that you need register as an ACLA Member here before you register for Congress and the ACLA Conference: