Title: Associate/Assistant Professor (Tenure Track/Tenured) in Academic English Writing, Waseda University, Japan

The Global Education Center (GEC) of Waseda University, a long-established private university located in central Tokyo, Japan invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track (or tenured)  position in Academic English Writing. The successful applicant is expected to teach in the Academic Writing and Discussion in English (AWADE) program to both Japanese and international students in social sciences. The successful applicant is also expected to conduct academic research related to L2 English Writing so as to further develop this program. We particularly welcome applications by those who are enthusiastic about the teaching of English for academic purposes.

  1. Position

Associate Professor (tenure track) /Assistant Professor (tenure track) or

Associate Professor (tenured) / Assistant Professor (tenured)

Note: When a position is offered, the rank of the position (associate professor/assistant professor) as well as status of  the appointment (tenured or tenure track) will be determined by educational and academic research achievements,  performance in the selection procedure, and other factors. The successful applicant will be informed of the position decided and its concomitant salary when the selection procedure is complete.

  1. Qualifications

Hold a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in applied linguistics, education, or a related field.

Have an overall English ability sufficient to carry out the below-mentioned jobs.

Have previous experience teaching Academic Writing in English at the university level.

Have previous experience creating teaching materials for Academic Writing in English at the university level.

Have research achievements in applied linguistics, preferably with a focus on second language writing.

  1. Job description

(a) Workload

(i) Teaching load:  Teach academic English writing to Japanese and international students from various departments and schools of Waseda University. At least 4 class periods per week for the 1st year (1 class period is 100 minutes) for 7 weeks in each quarter.

  • Development of Academic English Writing program(s), mainly for social sciences:
  • Develop educational programs and curriculum mainly for social sciences.
  • Prepare textbooks and develop teaching materials (e.g., teaching notes for part-time lecturers, quizzes, in-class activities).

(ii) Develop and improve teaching methods suitable for courses at the GEC.

(iii) Administer academic English writing courses at the GEC:

  • Manage Assistant Professors (without tenure) and part-time lecturers at the GEC.
  • Administer educational programs in cooperation with colleagues at Waseda University.
  • Conduct academic research relating to the above.

(b) Carry out tasks deemed important by either the GEC or Waseda University.

(c) Others

  1. Salary

Provided in accordance with university regulations.  Model case: Annual salary for a 35-year-old Assistant Professor (tenure-track) is 8,374,560 yen (including tax) in AY2022.

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